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Why Branded Water Bottle are good promotional giveaways products

Jul 12


Promotional items are a tried and true method to build brand awareness as well as engaging customers and potential clients. Everybody loves receiving complimentary gifts. Customized and branded promotional items allow you to enlist the assistance of your clients to help spread the word about your company.

It's a factor the type of items you decide to offer for giveaway. In a way, it is dependent on the particular product and your industry. But promotional drinkware is something that can be used by all kinds of companies. It is possible to ask why water bottles are among the most effective promotional items? Things like custom-branded cups, water bottles and various other kinds of drinkware are often sought-after at trade shows and any event that requires you to offer useful items. Let's examine some of the top reasons to use beverages in your brand's strategy.

Why Drinkware like Water Bottle is Popular

Drinkware can include cups for beer, coffee and tumblers, water bottles and any other drinkware that drinks from. People are enthralled by receiving such things. There are many characteristics that make drinkware one of the most effective promotional products to giveaway.

  • Everybody can benefit from an mug or water bottle. Most people drink tea, coffee or at the very least water. This is why these beverages are useful to anyone regardless of location, industry or even demographic.
  • Drinkware items are extremely transportable. It is commonplace for people to carry water bottles everywhere, including to the gym, at the office or when on vacation. People will use their coffee cups at work. Portable products are ideal to promote your business since lots of people are aware that they are displayed in public.
  • They're extremely customizable. You can print almost everything on an alcohol-based. In addition to the personal logo you could also have your text printed, or add an attractive image. You can also pick from a range of colors, sizes, and designs.
  • Water Bottle is perfect for any kind of occasion or raffle. When you distribute drinks at a trade show the attendees can begin using the items immediately. They're also ideal for online giveaways, prizes to fitness events or for any other use.

Advantages of Printed Water Bottle Over Other Promotional Items

While there are many advantages for using a variety promotional items, there is a lot of evidence in favor of the drinking water bottles. What makes these products more useful and attractive in comparison to other promotional items? The statistics in this article are derived taken from the ASI Global Ad Impressions Study.

  • They last for a long time. The longer a person keeps an item for promotion and keeps it, the more likely other people will be able to view it. Promotional drinkware can be stored for the entire year in the average. This is a lot of time to showcase the item in all directions.
  • You get an excellent ROI. It's fascinating to look at promotional products against other types of advertising that are popular like online ads. Pay-per-click advertisements like Google AdWords are often measured by Cost Per Impression, or CPI. In this instance, looking at items like customized coffee mugs with a branded logo counts as an impression. If you are paying $7 for a product that you purchase, the typical CPI will be less than one-half cent. If you choose to invest in ads on the internet it is common to pay more than $1.
  • The public is well-versed in these kinds of items. Certain promotional items are essentially small items that have no practical value. The majority of people have at least one type of drinkware with a promotional design. For the 87 percent of Baby Boomers such as. This is a huge majority of people who make quite number of business and purchase choices!

Beverage Consumption is Spiking

It's obvious that the people have always consumed drinks. But what's changed is the fact that there are more varieties and choices available. One could think that the use of all types of craft drinks is a huge trend. People are purchasing and ordering all sorts of drinks these days which includes tea, coffee craft beers, craft beers as well as bottled water and energy drinks. There's actually been an increase with the use of various such drinks. For instance:

  • The consumption of water bottles nearly tripled between 2013 and 2016.
  • Coffee. Coffee drinkers on average drinks about a cup of coffee a day more than was in 2003.
  • Craft Beers. There are three times the number of craft breweries within Singapore than there were in 2012.
  • Protein powders and sports drinks. The market continues to grow with the consumption of these drinks to improve exercise, loss of weight and to build muscle.

What do these trends and others in the world of beverages impact the effectiveness of promotional drinkable items like mugs, mugs, and custom customized water bottles? Since consumers pay more attention to the drinks they drink for pleasure and health and also for pleasure, they are looking for innovative and practical ways to carry these drinks to school, work or to the gym, among other places. They also love beautiful mugs for drinking from at home.

Water bottles are usually viewed as a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to single-use bottles of water bought at the supermarket. Water bottles, naturally are able to hold any cold drink. For instance, those who exercise are able to add protein powder as well as other ingredients to the juice or water they drink and bring them to their gym, or on a hike, run or bicycle ride. People can enjoy their beer and coffee in mugs with promotional designs. In reality, these trends and others in the consumption of beverages all increase the appeal of promotional drinks.

Make the Most of Branded Drinkware

There are a myriad of possibilities to utilize drinksware to advertise your business. Here are a few examples of ways you can utilize these items:

  • Trade shows.
  • Table at a block event, farmer's market, or any other type of event.
  • Distribute them to people who attend an exercise event that you're organizing.
  • Get involved with a local sports team and distribute water bottles to players.
  • Distribute them in person to prospective clients and customers after an appointment.
  • Offer the items to your staff.

Promotional products like customized water bottles with a branded logo and mugs are becoming more sought-after. They're a very versatile category that can be used in any kind of business. It is not necessary to think about whether your clients are young or old and athletic or smart. Everyone consumes beverages. It's a matter of selecting the best design and style that fits your branding.